SLIDE SHOW function

A slide show is a display of a series of chosen pictures, being used as a screensaver.

MicroCAMERA® application consists in a new running presentation software (3.2.8) with a program of early moving pictures. The images sequence is saved in digital format to a Compact Flash card.

slide show starts automatically when the MicroCAMERA® is switched on or in stand by mode (see Time-off in the "Options" menu).

slide show can be started manually by selecting the auxiliary input (see the "Auxiliary Input" menu) except there is a video signal. Actually, the video signal has priority over slide show. To stop it, you may just do a long click.

The Compact Flash to which the images are saved is a flash memory. Flash memory is a non-volatile (solid state storage) computer memory and thus no power is needed to maintain the information stored in the chip. In addition, flash memory offers fast read access times.

When packaged in a memory card like Compact Flash, flash memory is very small and light, being able to withstand pressure and shock.

Example applications include high level digital cameras and any portable device with excellent storage capacity.

Compact Flash is inserted in the appropriate slot (on the right side of the Professional model or on the back of the Evolution). If there is a slot MicroCAMERA can be upgraded to version 3.2.8 or enabled to this helpful feature.

Compact Flash always contains two folders named SLIDE and RESERVED while theDCIM folder is only present if at least one of the images in MicroCAMERA temporary memory has been saved (see the function "Save Image" in the "User Guide").

WARNING: In version 3.2.8 the files in folder RESERVED are read by the operating system when switching on the instrument. If while switching on, Compact Flash is not inserted or folder RESERVED with its content is not present, MicroCAMERA freezes and warns the condition through descending sounds .

  1. When switching on the instrument, you normally see a horizontal white line on a black background, the Internet address of the supplier and below in a window the version number. If slide show is in action, the line only appears after a click.
  2. The automatic shutdown is not activated while reviewing images and using a special function.
  3. Cards up to 2 GB formatted as FAT (standard format used with this type of card) are allowed. Almost all the cards on the market are still formatted accordingly. If you want to reformat the card you must use a personal computer and a special adapter.
     Before formatting you have to pay attention in selecting the correct format FAT (not FAT32) and saving folder RESERVED with its content. Folder RESERVED will be loaded to the card once the formatting is over as it is essential for proper functioning.
  4. The upgrade of the instrument is factory-made and also includes at least a 512MB card.
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REMARKS: to upgrade the instrument please apply to our sales office.

Folder SLIDE is reserved to SLIDE SHOW function. This folder stores the images which will be displayed ten seconds each. The files are named:

  • SLD-0000.TIF
  • SLD-0001.TIF
  • ...

The images are saved in a numerical gradually increasing sequence from the file SLD-0000.TIF until SLD-9999.TIF (maximum number of images allowed). Any other folders or files stored into Compact Flash will be ignored.

The images, before being loaded to the card, must be converted to correct format through a special program available on web (see "confidential document").

NOTE: all the letters making up the names of files and folders must be entered in uppercase.